Saturday, April 18, 2015

SAKURA ironic

SAKURA in my home town. Unfortunately I always get sick at this season when SAKURA is full bloomed. I might have something allergy of pollen dust from SAKURA. 2 years ago, I called ambulance. And this year, I took 2 days off from work.... But it doesn't mean I need to stay away from SAKURA season. I love to see SAKURA tree...How ironic....




  1. Sometimes people we love make us sick. This may mean we should leave them and go on separate paths or may mean we love them so much, we have to take pills to enjoy their beauty...

  2. I really like those trees the flower is really pretty. I'm from puertoRico here we don't have that kind of tree. Here they call them japanese cherry blossoms. And as much close you can get to them is a screen saver on your phone or computer. Still they are really pretty is a shame you can get sick because of them. I din't now they can make people sick

  3. I have the type of allergy that you suffer, along with asthma. You have to take your medicine, and go on with your life. There are good treatments available. Eat more natto to strengthen your immune system. Fermented food makes a strong digestion, and benefits your whole immune system. I prefer Kimchi for this purpose. lol.